About Katee

A diversity & inclusion strategist, coach, & speaker who helps individuals live their best lives—both at work and at home—through the realization of their passions.

01. Strategic

Katee understands that inclusion, diversity, and belonging is the right thing to do. She also knows that IDB is a business imperative that impacts your bottom line. She focuses on the bigger picture first, then drills in to the logistics.

02. Trustworthy

Trusting your partner as you build your inclusion, diversity, and belonging strategy gives you a sense of relief. Katee will partner with you and bring you along on the journey to balanced teams delivering amazing results.

03. Knowledgeable

Katee uses her 20+ years of experience in business and HR to build the best solutions for you and your teams. She believes in the concept that “rising tides lift all boats” so she shares what she knows to increase everyone’s knowledge.

My Story

Learning Through Storytelling

Growing up, my parents were both teachers. Every summer, they would pile us seven kids into the van and drive. I visited 31 of the 50 states before my 10th birthday. Back in the early 80’s, there were no Google maps or even cell phones to help us navigate so we got lost A LOT!

Every time we lost our way, and even when we were found, we met people and saw places that were completely different from our small town in Ohio. Through each of these experiences we heard stories. From the stories told through dance by the Navajo Indians in Arizona, to the history of the slave quarters at Monticello, and of course the smallest of small towns in Van Horn, Texas. All of the stories we learned through these trips brought a love of storytelling and learning.


Storytelling and learning continued to be a part of my life and that is what I want to do in this work. When we get to know each other, through stories and being open to learn, we grow.

I help companies write their story through values and inclusion strategies. I lead them to learn why a more diverse culture makes for a better team.

I believe in meeting people where they are and asking questions to create more dialogue and a growth mindset.


An Experienced Professional

Katee Van Horn


Katee Van Horn is an international keynote speaker, proven coach, author and strategic leader. She focuses on building diverse and inclusive teams. Katee listens to your needs, both professional and personal. Together you will build a plan to maximize your success. Less frills, no bullshit- just a good plan from a great coach.


What I Do Best


Design practical solutions for your hardest diversity and inclusion challenges—building better teams.


Realize your goals—from doing the best work of your life, to a life you love, and everything in between.


Learn how to build an inclusive culture by blocking bias for your entire employee population.


Katee is an engaging conference speaker with insights into a wide range of diverse topics.

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