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Middle East - Middle East - 30-03-15 05:26
FORT DRUM, N.Y. (AP) — Defense Secretary Ash Carter says that when Iraqi security forces carry their counteroffensive beyond the current battle for Tikrit, the U.S. will continue to insist that Iranian...
Unrest - Unrest - 30-03-15 05:25
Back when the Apple Watch was nothing more than a rumor, there was an endless stream of stories focusing on all of the biomedical engineering talent Apple was bringing on board. Consequently, we starte...
Natural Disasters - Natural Disasters - 30-03-15 05:25
A new multimillion dollar project that uses solar power to treat underground saline water is offering a ray of hope in south east Pakistan.
Middle East - Middle East - 30-03-15 05:24
Mr. Farah: Thank you, thank you for having the courage to put Obama’s anti-Semitism in writing for all to see. I have said from the very beginning of his term that he is not just anti-Israel, but...
World Religions - World Religions - 30-03-15 05:15
ZAVIDOVICI, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) — Salem Hajdarovac says he didn't sleep for a week when he heard his workshop had been granted the honor of carving a special chair that Pope Francis will sit o...
United Nations - United Nations - 30-03-15 05:14
Cuba wants to boost public Internet access while keeping the Communist government's control over it, a senior US official close to talks with Havana on technology said Monday. "They are looki...
Natural Disasters - Natural Disasters - 30-03-15 05:01
We already have mobile consumer apps that can (selectively) share all the personal details you can imagine ‒ including test results for sexually transmitted diseases. Are DNA test results next on the l...
Natural Disasters - Natural Disasters - 30-03-15 04:52
The strong U.S. dollar will take you far. Here are 5 countries where you get more bang for your buck today.
World Order - World Government - 30-03-15 04:51
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Astronaut Scott Kelly's identical twin pulled a fast one on NASA right before his brother blasted off on a one-year space station mission.
Natural Disasters - Natural Disasters - 30-03-15 04:47
There are few sporting events as profitable as the men’s NCAA tournament, a month-long series of games that helped earn the NCAA just shy of $1 billion in the 2014 fiscal year. Meanwhile, the players w...
Middle East - Middle East - 30-03-15 04:45
Move "significantly increases" Israel’s chances of winning medals at games, outgoing sports minister says.
Unrest - Unrest - 30-03-15 04:39
By Tim Cocks and Alexis Akwagyiram ABUJA (Reuters) - Nigerian opposition leader Muhammadu Buhari built a lead of 2 million votes with three-quarters of states counted on Monday, raising the prospect of...
Natural Disasters - Natural Disasters - 30-03-15 04:18
A Boston woman has pleaded not guilty to fraudulently receiving thousands of dollars by claiming she was injured in the Boston Marathon bombing.
Middle East - Middle East - 30-03-15 04:06
As world powers rush to reach a framework deal curbing Iran's nuclear program ahead of a deadline Tuesday, a top official at a nuclear watchdog agency warned Tehran that it would not succeed in testing...
Natural Disasters - Natural Disasters - 30-03-15 03:51
NASA says its Asteroid Redirect Mission will allow it to conduct tests that are essential to preparing humans for future deep-space flights.
World Religions - World Religions - 30-03-15 03:17
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The wife and adult children of Robin Williams agreed Monday to meet outside court to try to resolve their dispute over a tuxedo he was married in, photographs taken on his 60th bir...
World Religions - World Religions - 30-03-15 03:08
A trial of six Azerbaijani citizens accused of fighting alongside the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq has begun in Azerbaijan's capital.
World Religions - World Religions - 30-03-15 03:08
Christians around the world are observing Holy Week, which marks the last week of Lent and the beginning of Easter celebrations.
Middle East - Middle East - 30-03-15 03:06
Global powers are racing against the clock to nail down the final pieces of a framework deal aimed at stopping Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb by Tuesday's midnight deadline. Adding to the dram...
Unrest - Unrest - 30-03-15 03:03
The fiancee of former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez testified in his murder trial Monday that she removed a box from their basement at his request the day after the slaying but never look...
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