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Designing practical solutions for companies who are interested in driving innovation through strong, balanced teams. I integrate these solutions into your current processes, use data to determine what is working and what needs work, and train your teams to build their skills around inclusion.


We Can Do It All

I work with your teams to truly understand your needs to create a tailored strategy. Together we will make an impact on your culture.

Executive Coaching

I work with people to help them realize their goals- from doing the best work of their lives, to a life they love, and everything in between. Once they know their goals, it’s about what action they are willing to take. I push my clients and hold them accountable to create an even better life for themselves.

Diversity Strategy

I help organizations design practical solutions for their hardest diversity and inclusion challenge- building balanced teams. This means spending time interviewing teams, using an engagement survey & other employee data, and learning about the current culture of the team. Bringing all of this together and working with the leadership team, I make recommendations that are practical. We implement these solutions together.

Training & Team Workshops

I train teams on how to build an inclusive culture. My workshops include blocking bias, cultural awareness, and inclusive leadership. I won’t just give you recommendations and walk away. I work with HR and learning teams to make this real for the entire employee population. We walk through scenarios to make sure that folks feel comfortable with the content and can implement in their workday.

Keynote Speaker

If you need an engaging speaker for your conference, Katee will deliver. She offers insights into topics ranging from being a stellar HR practitioner, how to earn your seat at the table and make an impact, driving inclusive cultures, delivering a diversity & inclusion strategy, and how to set goals to win at work and in life.


Bar The Door’s Trademark Process

Audit & Analysis

Bar the Door will start by partnering with leadership and the HR team to understand your needs. This includes reviewing data, facilitating employee and leader listening sessions, and meeting 1:1 with key leaders.

The listening sessions will help assess current cultural norms, how bias plays out day-to-day, strengths and areas for improvement. We’ll focus on culture, values, leadership attributes and mindsets. The goal is to understand the current state of your culture and your business.


Once we understand the current state, Bar the Door will provide an Inclusion, Diversity, and Belonging strategy that fits your needs. This evidence-based strategy will include goals, objectives, and deliverables to drive an inclusive culture where underrepresented groups find their voice in your workforce. The goals we set will include short-term and long-term plans since we know that inclusion, diversity, and belonging is an ongoing process.

Implementation & Measurement

With your strategy in place, now is the time to pilot and test to determine what will have the most impact and to track the results. Usually this means focusing on building an inclusive culture first. We want to make sure you have the right environment, so employees can do the best work of their lives. We will set the longer-term goals in motion, knowing that they will take time. We will celebrate the quick wins together as your strategy comes to life.


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My Vision

Helping Individuals Live Their Best Lives

I have had the nickname of Katee Bar the Door throughout my life. When I finally figured out what it was from, I liked it as a company name. James Whitcomb Riley’s poem When Lide Married Him, 1894 was about a new couple who had eloped and may have had a few folks who did not support their union. Katee had to bar the door to make sure they were prepared for possible trouble.

That’s what I do for companies. Bar the door and prepare leaders and teams for anything they may face.

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