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Partnering with companies to build innovative cultures where everyone can do the best work of their lives.
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Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Consulting

I help organizations design a practical solution for their hardest diversity and inclusion challenges. Together we implement the strategy and build amazing cultures.

Think of me as your personal diversity & inclusion strategist.

Executive Coaching

Professional Coaching Is About Results

I work with individuals in company settings and in personal settings to help them realize their goals- from doing the best work of their lives, to a life they love, and everything in between.

Our Specialties

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Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

Executive Coaching

Training Workshops

Team Workshops

Keynote presentations

Speaking Engagements

Conference Facilitator

Build Better Teams

What We Can Do Together

I help companies write their story through inclusive values. I teach people why a more diverse culture makes for a better team.

I believe in meeting people where they are and asking questions to create more dialogue and a growth mindset. Let’s learn the stories of your team together.

Diversity Strategy

Design practical solutions for your hardest diversity and inclusion challenges—building better teams.

Executive Coaching

Realize your goals—from doing the best work of your life, to a life you love, and everything in between.

Team Workshops

Learn how to build an inclusive culture by blocking bias for your entire employee population.

Keynote Speaker

Katee is an engaging conference speaker with insights into a wide range of diverse topics.

MY Vision

Helping Individuals Live Their Best Lives

I have had the nickname of Katee Bar the Door throughout my life. When I finally figured out what it was from, I liked it as a company name. James Whitcomb Riley’s poem When Lide Married Him, 1894 was about a new couple who had eloped and may have had a few folks who did not support their union. Katee had to bar the door to make sure they were prepared for possible trouble.

That’s what I do for companies. Bar the door and prepare leaders and teams for anything they may face.


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The People of WorkHuman   Hello Humans! I have been asked why WorkHuman is the best business conference. Notice I said business conference, not HR conference- but we’ll come back to that. There are a ton of reasons, which I will get into in future posts but the most...

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Spring Fever

Spring has sprung and with it comes spring fever! The birds are chirping, and the flowers are starting to bloom. The snow has melted (hopefully) and folks want to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather-especially if it means you get to step away from your desk....

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Creating a Culture Where Bystanders Speak Up

Creating a Culture Where Bystanders Speak Up The visibility around workplace harassment has increased in the past two years. It is highlighted by the #metoo movement and stories that keep coming out on a regular basis. Now, we can’t kid ourselves that this behavior...

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