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Lock1Welcome to the 'Bar the Door' social networking site! 'Katy bar the door' means take precautions; there's trouble ahead. The expression originates from when Catherine Douglas attempted to save the Scottish King James I. He was attacked by discontented subjects in Perth in 1437 and the room he was in had a door with a missing locking bar. Catherine Douglas tried to save him by barring the door with her arm, but her arm was broken and the mob murdered the King.


If you believe this country and world is descending into chaos, then this site is for you. It consists of a community of like minded people who believe that world events are spinning out of control, the global economy is very near to collapse, and the United States is in a steep decline. Natural disasters, wars, famines, and other calamities are increasing dramatically and there will be a time when governments can't respond effectively; this will likely lead to anarchy. Your greatest threat will likely be your neighbors or urban residents who didn't properly prepare for coming catastrophic events.


You might think that nobody knows the future; how can we prepare for the unknown? The Bible describes future events in uncanny detail; in fact, it contains over 2000 prophesies that have already been fulfilled. The section called Bible Accuracy discusses and provides proof for many of the prophecies that have come true. After you convince yourself that the Bible is supernatural and can predict the future, you can help society members watch for and prepare for the 500 or more prophecies that have not been fulfilled, yet. The fulfillment of many of these prophecies will place you and your family in dire circumstances if you are not prepared.


Some of the prophecies described in the Book of Daniel and Revelations are hard to understand. The End Times Checklist section includes checklists of future events that can be used to determine where we are on the end time's countdown. The United States, serving as the world's only super power, is preventing many of the events from occurring, so it must suffer one or more catastrophic events in the near future before Bible prophecy can be fulfilled. Major events that will likely end the United States' reign as the world’s only super power and enable a final world government are discussed in the Cataclysmic Events section.


Although this site provides much information on Bible prophecy and survival techniques, it's primary goal is to solicit discussions and ideas from the society members. The most prudent defense against the upcoming mayhem is to create interconnected groups throughout the nation that are prepared and willing to support and protect each other. Create a group for your local area and recruit members that will be of assistance in a national crisis such an extended loss of electricity or food shortages. Bar the Door provides many free on-line tools that members can use to communicate with and support fellow society members, now and afterwards. Members are encouraged to participate on the bulletin boards and start their own blogs. Select the Help files to learn how to use the features available to you.


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